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Where do your loyalties lie
Cause I know you're not with me
I've helped you out so many times
But all our friends were blind to see

That you were a parasite
An addict with no integrity
You took until you had your fill
Undermine the ones closest to me

I'm just so sick of it all
Nothing is now what it seems
I tried to help with what i could
But you turned my friends now against me

And when you where fucking exposed
I had every right to put you down
But i stayed back and kept in check
Because i knew you were losing your crown

And now you're fucking done
Put away with your disease
Even your father gave up on his son
And the rest of your life will be spent on your knees

I hope you drown in your fucking contempt
You tried to make your gains
And then you fucking quit
You crossed the line between friend and foe
And when it happened your true colors showed
Your lies built and unsustainable bridge
And when you walked across, you fell off the edge
We went to war and you fucking lost

I wont lose my friends
At any cost


from Unmatched Aggression, released December 24, 2016



all rights reserved


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